3D Medical Technologies

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3D BioPrinting

CoreMed has invested with the original software developer of 3D printing to build a profitable 3D medical device publicly traded company.  The "holy grail" in this category is printing of biological compatible tissues, proven fully functional and a critical need for today's aging population. One of the active and key components for this tissue to grow and be functional once printed is viable stem cells. the only cGMP FDA approved supplier of stem cells is another company CoreMed has invested in. their IP covers BioPrinting, scaffolds, and related functionalities. Combining the skill sets and expertise of CoreMed's 3D printing component with bio active stem cells is in process on projects in early development stages. These are long lead time projects, and the IP owned by both of the described key components gives CoreMed an early unique position in this burgeoning area of research, development, and breakthroughs.


CMT Projects

Building on it's current focus on cranial and skull implants, CMT will combine the functionality of viable stem cells and stem cell factors (SCFs) for enhancing those approved medical implants being delivered by a company that pioneered 3D printing of medical components almost a decade ago.

Additionally CMT will expand the range of BioPrinting applications that will be extensions to other maxillofacial components where adding stem cells and SCFs will improve the end result for patients receiving these components.


CMT Services

CMT is available to co-venture and assist with projects where expertise in stem cells and SCFs are required as well as custom BioPrinting requirements.

We are able to license key IP and to assist with decades of know how and expertise in addressing stem cell and SCF applications for a variety of conditions, many of which are direct applications where BioPrinting is a component for the basic scaffold requirement.


Access CMT

CMT is prepared to engage with researchers and biomedical companies in completing the production stages of their BioPrinting projects and products.

We have the ability to generate a variety of specific scaffolds with impregnations of various stem cell and SCF types to result in unique functionality.

This will allow comparative reviews and result in the ideal design for the project's completion with the best available results, as well as continually enhancing the end product with new improvements as discovered.