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TOSS™ Pain Muscle Formula

For sore, sprained, or inflamed muscles, the low dose preferred use of a topical delivery NSAID incorporated in a warming balm for immediate relief and enhanced circulation is now available online for shipments globally.


TOSS™ Pain Joint Formula

For minor injuries to tendons, ligaments, and joints, TOSS Pain Joint Formula allows a site specific application to assure the delivery to the inflamed area is achieved with the minimum required dosing, thereby avoiding side effects when possible.


NoFu Anti Fungal TOSS™ Formula

For difficult cases of fungal infections that persist and resist most attempts to treat them, TOSS technology using topical site delivery to deliver the anti fungal ingredient is shown to relieve long standing cases that respond well to this topical application, especially when combined with a self care regime such as keeping the area(s) dry and free from excess moisture during the treatment period.