CoreMed Applications

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The CoreMed Applications

For delivery of active compounds that have side effects when taken orally, such as pain killers and anti-inflammatory agents, OTC NSAIDs and prescription products, CoreMed will be launching in 2019 a handful of new products for topical application aimed at consumers seeking a safer alternative with equal if not even better results.

This list will include TOSS Pain, a Naproxen site specific formula, NoFu™️, a prescription strength and OTC anti fungal, and other products being finalized for launch in 2019.

CardioBar®️ is being reformulated and made ready for the market as well in 2019. This proven successful product was endorsed by leading athletes as their go to sports bar as well as clinicians who reviewed the cholesterol lowering option it provides for clients who prefer not to take statin drugs.

3D Bioprinting projects are initiated and underway with design and implementation started. These are long lead time complex projects and CoreMed will establish co-ventures with companies that wish to enter this sector that require the 3D expertise and the IP CoreMed has access to for succeeding in this terrain.