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BioPrinting Current Applications

The burgeoning field of BioPrinting holds immediate promise for basic cellular and tissue components.

As BioPrinting evolves, the opportunity exists for integrating hardware, software and cellular building components to be perfected in the multiple applications of BioPrinting where ultimately potentially entire organs can be custom manufactured.

In the growth of this field we are witnessing organ components such as heart valves, corneas, and related medical needs being researched and challenges tackled to eventually bring to market solutions to these pressing needs.

Core Medical Technologies (CMT) Current Focus

CMT has partnered with the leading Stem Cell manufacturing laboratory facility to develop the most effective BioPrinting hardware interface to assure maximum viability of bio-printed end products using the confirmed viable stem cells and stem cell factors manufactured in the only cGMP FDA approved stem cell production facility.

CMT's goal is to build on the combined proven strengths of the bio component best in class proven quality along with addressing the multiple challenges in applying the potential these components offer when used in BioPrinting to assure the methods and applications integrated with the component cell materials address the challenges in a repeatable consistent manner.

Core Medical Technologies (CMT) Current Focus

CMT is active in advancing BioPrinting applications addressing skin, bone, cartilage, dental and gum tissue, as well organ components suitable for BioPrinting such as corneas and related components for humans and veterinary research, clinical trials, and eventual clinical use.

Additional projects include one of the original early to market cranial and skeletal implant 3D printing companies that CMT has funded that currently manufactures implants for research projects as well as FDA approved human clinical applications.