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TOSS™ Technology - We Come Through...For You!

TOSS™ stands for Topical Site Specific, which addresses the delivery of the active components to the specific site desired, whether a jointsuch as the wrist, hand, foot, or other areas of the body.

This is achieved by combining  a proprietary formulation with unique manufacturing methods aimed at transdermal deliveryand together with combined ingredients that in sum total allow TOSS™ formulations to be applied and delivered to areas that the active ingredient is intended to go, and thus bypassing the non targeted areas of the body.

This results in a lower dose, avoiding sensitive organs and the digestive tract where the compound is not required for the desired result of pain relief, anti fungal activity, or other modes of action TOSS™ Technology addresses.

The main benefit of this approach, in addition to being effective on the site where applied, is to avoid unnecessary side effects. By using a lower dose and avoiding unneeded exposure to areas of the body not required to be exposed to the ingredient, TOSSis designed for the specific site where applied results are intended.

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